<h2>Chichester Solar Panels</h2><p>Reducing your energy bills</p> <h2>Reduce your electricity bills</h2>    <p>And sell any unused electricity back to the grid</p> <h2>Reduce your energy bills<h2/><p>And sell any unused electricity</p>

Welcome to South Coast Renewables

Save money with solar panels from South Coast Renewables. Now is an ideal time to install solar panels, since costs have reduced considerably in 2012.

In choosing South Coast Renewables as your solar panel installer, you can be sure of a professional and friendly service. We guide you through the process from initial free consultation to installation and after-sales support.

We take the time to explain the best options for you, how you can benefit and what’s involved. When you’re ready to go ahead, we ensure the process is smooth and efficient. As soon as the installation is complete, your new solar panels start generating electricity, giving you a tax free income while reducing your carbon footprint.

Our photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are installed across Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. We have satisfied customers in Chichester, Emsworth, Portsmouth, Midhurst, Petworth, Petersfield, Worthing and throughout the region.

Solar panels are a simple, secure and cost-effective investment. Contact us and start saving money.

What are the benefits of using solar power?

  • EARN up to 14.90p per kWh for the next 20 years TAX FREE.
  • USE the energy you generate FREE.
  • SELL any energy you don't use to the grid for an extra 4.64p per kWh.
  • INVESTMENT return of up to 19%.
  • REDUCE your carbon footprint.

Latest Solar Installations

Solar panel installation, Billingshurst, West Sussex.

Solar panel installation, Earnley, Chichester, West Sussex.

Solar panel installation, Petersfield, Hampshire.

Solar panel installation, Bury village hall, Pulborough, West Sussex.

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