Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home suitable for Solar Photovoltaic panels?The ideal roof space should be free from shade and south facing. However, solar panels can be fitted on roofs facing anywhere between west and east. The size of your roof space will determine the size of the system.

Are they expensive to install? Costs have come down considerably over the past year, contact us for a free quotation – you could be pleasantly surprised!

How much space will I require on my roof for a solar PV Installation? Solar PV systems range from between 4.0sqm – 30.0sqm depending on the kW rating. We just need to visit you to advise on the space.

Will I need planning permission? No you should not need planning permission unless the property is listed.

How long will it take? It’s a simple process that usually only takes our installers a couple of days.

Will I need scaffolding to access the roof? In most cases scaffolding is required to access the roof. We provide a price as part of your quotation and arrange for a local scaffolding company to erect suitable scaffold and take it down once the work is complete.

Will you provide an electrician to carry out the required electrical work? Yes, our background is in electrical contracting. We will carry out all the electrical work required. The electrician will be in charge of the complete installation ensuring a professional installation.

Can I get a grant to cover the costs of installation? Grants for solar PV panels have been replaced by the Feed-in Tariff (FiT). With better rates of pay per unit of energy generated, the payback of your solar panels is now much quicker. See our Feed-in Tariff page for more information.

Will the solar pv system pay back its initial outlay? Yes, the Feed in Tariff received for the generation and export of electricity plus the savings made from reduced usage of electricity from the grid will generally allow a payback period of around 10 years. See our Feed-in Tariff page for more information.

Will I need a special meter to be able to claim FiTs? Generation is metered at your property and FiT payments are made accordingly. The amount exported is currently estimated until smart meters become available to measure generation, usage and export.

Are solar pv systems good for the environment? Yes, no pollutants are emitted from solar panels. The use of solar energy significantly helps to reduce green house emissions and fight global warming.

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