Small Investors able to put money into UK renewable energy schemes

A website named ‘Abundance’ has been launched with the intention of helping people invest in green energy projects.

Investors can put money into projects with amounts starting from as little as £5. A ‘community finance platform’, Abundance intends for investors to support renewable energy schemes from within the UK and to receive cash in return.

For consumers who are disillusioned with the banking model in place in this country, it is comforting to know that their money can be used to fund sustainable, green projects, thus facilitating change.

Rates of return are currently expected to be between 5 and 9%, dependant on the scheme in question.

The company aims to raise £1.4m, with the intention of building a wind turbine on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean. Abundance also hopes to facilitate further renewable energy schemes, both hydro and solar.

Abundance works as a platform, bringing investors together with companies intending to carry out environmental projects and community groups. It collects investors’ money and arranges payouts to investors. Abundance receives a 1.9% fee from the environmental company carrying out the work.

Bruce Davis is the site’s co-founder and describes the site as a modern form of democratic finance. He argues that Abundance is enabling investors to produce a return from 100% green electricity.

So it seems that those who are passionate about hydro energy or solar energy will have the chance to invest money in hydro and solar schemes, rather than relying on the traditional forms of investment to provide a return.

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