Solar Electricity

Solar PV panels are now the most cost effective and straightforward low carbon energy solution. Solar electricity systems incorporating solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

The electricity can be used in your home or sold back to the national grid.  You are also paid a generation tariff by your energy supplier, regardless of whether you use or export the electricity.

  • Free electricity from solar energy
  • Up to 19%* rate of return available
  • Earn up to £1100* annual income for 20 years
  • Enjoy tax free profit of £16225** over 20 years
  • Safeguard against future electricity price increases
  • Low maintenance
  • Feel good about lowering your carbon footprint

* The rate of return is calculated as the “annual income/saving” divided by the “installed cost”.
** Based on a 4kWp system. South facing, 30 degree angle. Chichester post code area. No shading. Fully installed, including scaffolding and VAT. Profit figure does not include annual tariff inflation (tariff is linked to RPI), or increased electricity bill saving as electricity prices increase.

To find out more about the suitability of your home for solar panels, contact South Coast Renewables on 01243 538 388 to arrange a free survey.

You could earn an annual income from the Feed In Tariff which is a twenty year tariff and index linked to RPI. Furthermore, you can protect your property from increasing electricity prices.


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